About Mata Mata

Mata Mata is one of the first Yolngu homelands established after WWII. It was originally established by the Warramirri people, and then with Warramirri imprimatur, the Burarrwanga family. Gartirri Burarrwanga established a runway, a school and several houses at Mata Mata and Batumbil Burarrwanga and Mandjuwi Gurruwiwi established houses at the neighbouring Dhuwa homeland of Gi’kal.

Mata Mata is located on the Arafura Sea near Inglis Island-the biggest of the English Company Island - in North East Arnhem land.

After her husband’s death, and the death of her brother Don, Batumbil Burarrwanga with her brothers Terry and Gerry have been the leaders of a modern day renaissance of art and culture on homelands.

Mata Mata is a wondrous place with many ancient and living treasures on the land and in the sea. It is our cultural storehouse of the natural world as well as one of the monuments of the oldest continuous civilisation on earth.